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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Story Behind "Chuckie"

I have had many people ask why the name "Chuckie" for our little guy, so I decided I better tell the story behind this. We are planning on naming him Caden but are not going to decide for sure on the name until he is born and we see him to make sure he looks like a Caden. I asked Justin one day what we were going to name him if he wasn't a Caden. He replied "Chuck." He had been watching a lot of the TV series "Chuck" recently. I decided that "Chuck" was not a good nickname for a little baby and changed it to "Chuckie." The nickname stuck:) Also, to give you a less scary visual image of "Chuckie", I don't think of the doll in the horror movie when I call him that, I think of the character on the Rugrats with the big glasses and red hair:) We don't plan on calling him "Chuckie" after he is born:) Most likely he will be Caden:)

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  1. I love the name Caden! Chuckie was my favorite character from Rugrats! I think it's a cute nickname! Ben had the nickname "Elvis" while I was pregnant with him. :)